How to Host WordPress Images On Dropbox to Increase Site Speed

Written by Vinay Goud

The images play an vital role in blogging and are considered as most important factor, as it is required to adorns your blog and posts. As we talk about Blogger platform then the images and complete content is hosted by Google and it does not create that much bandwidth and site speed issues for Blogger users, but on the other the complete content on WordPress blogs are hosted on your hosting company and it puts burden on it.

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The images which are being put directly on the WordPress can create Site speed issue, can eat more bandwidth and many more issues which stick to it. However, you don’t need to worry about it as; ATT always come up with a solid and effective solutions for our readers. We are going to make you learn today that, “How to Host WordPress images on Dropbox to increase your blog speed?”

What is Dropbox

There must be many people who are very much acquaint with the Dropbox and it’s work, but there must be some newbies who are not aware with it. So, for them we are including this section as well, which will make you learn that, “What actually Dropbox is?”

The Dropbox is a cloud storage which stores your files online. You can store your text, image, video, .rar or any kind of file and can access it anywhere in the world. In this guide we are going to use it in a smarter way to host your WordPress images externally which will brought some positive changes for your blog definitely.

Learn-How to Host WordPress Images On Dropbox

So, here are the steps which are needed to be followed by you. You are requested to get the steps clearly in order to avoid errors and this can be effective method to increase the site load speed for sure. Now, without wasting your time, more I would request you to get towards the below steps:

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  • First of all, Login in to your WordPress account then Switch towards Plugin
  • After that, Click on Add New and then you need to Search for Pressbox
  • Ones you’ve found it then Install it on your WordPress
  • After installations, go to Settings and then to Pressbox
  • Now, you will have some kind of instructions, you need to read that instructions and follow them as asked. It will be asking you to get your Key and Secret code for authorization of your blog and liking it with your website
  • Ones you have followed the instructions and added Key and Secret codes then Click on Connect your Blog to Dropbox
  • This was it!


This was our another guide for newbies in blogging. We are sure that the method of hosting WordPress images separately is going to work for you for sure. If you have any kind of question or confusion left then do let us know. Any of our team member will get back to your queries as soon as possible. Furthermore, if you have found this guide helpful and worth reading content then do share it with your other friends and circle too.

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