Top 8 Best Mac OS X Apps for Web Developers

Written by Vinay Goud

The Web Developers always remain in the seek of something innovative and interesting and they want to utilize their ideas into development. So, for the web developers we are going to share top 8 Best Mac OS X Apps. These apps which are listed below are going to be very helpful for developers.

Mac OS X Apps , Apps, Top 8The developing process of any website could not be possible without gathering ideas and using some related yet important apps. The listed Mac OS X apps can be help you to get your coding status, can help you to code well, can show you different results and many more task can be easily done with these apps.

Top 8 Best Mac OS X Apps for Developers

So, here are the apps for web developers. You need to get these apps for you Mac OS X then start utilizing it accordingly. These all are simply awesome and trusted too, and we are sure that you can get awesome results for sure. Now, without taking much time of yours I would request you to get towards the below list.

1- Anvil

The Anvil is the first app which we have got for you all and you must try it. It let you create .dev domains and allows you upload your some mini projects. It is really awesome for creating some small projects. The Anvil is a light Mac OS X application which can be got for free. Get this app Here.

2- Sequel Pro

The Sequel Pro is the MySQL database management app for Mac OS X users. It is a handy app which lets you work on MySQL databases. The Sequel Pro is really  smarter choice for web developers, programmers and software developers. You can easily get this app Here.

3- GitHub

The GitHub is best to record changes in the code version and your projects. It is very much popular and many of the professional developers are already using it and that is why, we are recommended it too. It lets you share codes too with complete ease. It has got some awesome tools and features for web developers. You can know more about it Here.

4- Web Sharing

The Web Sharing facility was built-in on previous version of Mac, but not it is no more. So, the Web Sharing Application gets that feature back for you guys. It lets you turn on and off web sharing with complete ease. It shows the PHP status and list of all installed VirtualHosts. The awesome thing about this app is that, it is completely free. You can easily get your copy Here.

5- Koala

The Koala is an application for CoffeScript Compilation, Sass, Less and Compass Framework. It also diagnose error into your coding. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It has really an awesome application for web developers. If you want to use this app then you need to Click Here.

6- Icons8

The icons are very much important stuff for developing a site, as icons are used to decorate corners and signaling certain area. So, for those Icons8 is the solution, it consists 6900 icons available which can help you to get some awesome icons. The locating and finding of icons can be searched and added in seconds. You can easily get this app Here.

7- Poedit

The poedit is the best site which is used for translating multiple websites and apps which use Gettext (.po). It is completely free app yet fast app. It has clean, simply and friendly interface which is easy to be understandable. The web developers can use this app to maintain their translation files. It has great translating memory which remembers you previous translation and try to compare it and make you search more faster and convenient. You can easily use this tool Here.

8- Dash

The Dash is the last application which we have got for you. It is considered as the master-piece for the web developers. It gives you instant offline access to 150+ API documentation sets and it stores snippet of code. Furthermore, there are many more features which are helpful for developers and are integrated in it. You can get the complete access to it from Here.


This was the list of some best Mac OS X Apps which are going to be treat for web developers out there. If you have any other app which you want to share with us and it could be helpful for developers then share your suggestions via comment box. Your suggestions would be helpful for many of the users out there. Furthermore, if you have found this list helpful and worth reading then do share it with your other friends and circle too.

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