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In this digital era, every user has got prior access to the internet. It has been observed that around 70% of online users prefer Smartphones to browse the internet. In such situations, there is a great demand for app stores. Mainly, the app stores include millions of applications which the users greatly need to ensure the desired functioning. Well, you must have heard about Google’s Play store and Apple’s iTunes.

These are the most popular app store platforms which are used by millions of Smartphone users. But it has been observed that these app stores charge a certain amount for premium applications. Yes, it’s true that there are unlimited numbers of applications which are offered for free, but when the requirements are intense, the users highly seek premium applications.

Basically, the premium applications come with enhanced features and full access modules, thus it is flexible for the online users to fulfil their requirements. But buying the premium applications all the time seems really expensive. Thus, the experts introduced Tutu Helper.

What is Tutu App?

Tutu App is basically a free app store which allows both Android as well as iOs users to download premium applications for free. With this app store, you don’t need to pay a single penny for downloading the premium mobile applications. You will find millions of applications under Tutu Helper, thus there is no need to worry about any premium application.

In case, you found a favourable premium application on Google’s play store, and it is costing you about $50, then simply switch over to Tutu App. All you need to do is, search the application in the search box and you will get the cracked version that premium application. Because of this reason, the online users greatly prefer to download Tutuapp.

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Key Features of Tutu app!!


  • Tutu app apk is free to download, so you don’t have to spend any money. But for iOS users, there is a VIP version, which gives more enhanced features and access to the users. You can also get the VIP version of Tutu Helper, just by paying $12.99.
  • Tutuapp Android allows you to download as many apps as you want for free. It doesn’t matter, whether the application is free or paid. With Tutu Helper, every download is free.
  • All the applications are categorized into different sections, thus it is easy for the users to find their desired ones.
  • With Tutu Helper, you can also download the cracked versions of premium games. This will allow you to play the typical games with unlimited power and features.
  • You can simply click on your desired games and can easily download them with one click.
  • The search option is available on the top of the page. Here, you can enter the application name or some related keywords and the search functionality will show you the best possible results within some minutes.
  • For the convenience of users, Tutuapp for Android offers a Manage section in the app. Here, the users can manage their downloading, installation and un-installation of applications.
  • This innovative app store has got inbuilt cleaner. The cleaner automatically cleans all the caches and garbages stored in the application. Thus, Tutu app runs smoothly without any interruptions.
  • The developers have designed this app store with the simple and flexible user interface. This allows users of every age group to access the applications easily.
  • A dedicated server has been equipped with Tutu app, thus the downloading speed of applications is super fast.
  • No need for rooting your Android device or Jailbreaking your iOS device. Tutu app has got compatibility with both Android and iOS operating systems.
  • The features of Tutu App are same for both Android and iOS, thus there is no need to worry about any miss.

How to download Tutu app on Android devices?

  • First you need to change your security settings by turning on the Unknown sources. This will allow the third-party applications to get installed in your device without any error.
  • Now you have to click on this link tutuapp download
  • This link will redirect you to which is a trustable website for downloading application files. This size of apk file is 6.37 MB, thus it will take only some seconds to download the file.
  • Once the download is complete, you can click on install to initiate the installation process.
  • After the file is installed, you can see an icon on your homepage and start browsing the application.

Indeed, it is very easy to download the Tutu app on Android devices. Apart from Android phones, you can also download this app store on your iOs as well as Windows devices. For iOs Smartphones, it is recommended to download the VIP version of Tutu APP, as it will allow the users to access the premium features of the app store.

What is Tutu App VIP?

According to some iOS users, the response of regular Tutu App on iOs platform is pretty unstable. If you are looking to browse the Tutu app without any interruptions on your iOS device, then it is highly recommended to download Tutu app VIP.

You can easily find this download file on the official website of Tutu app VIP. The download for this premium or VIP file is not free, so you have to make a payment of $12.99 in order to get the application. Again, the download procedure is same, so there won’t be any difficulties in downloading the Tutu app.

How to use Tutu App?

install tutuapp

Install tutuapp

In case, you are confused about using the Tutu app on your Android device, then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to your home screen and click on the Tutu app icon. This will open up the application and will allow you to access the overall contents of the application.
  • On the opening page, you can witness the popular applications or games. You can browse through all these applications and can find your desired application.
  • On the top of the landing page, you can find different categories of applications. Hence, it will be now easy for you search the application as per the domain.
  • If you are confused to find a specific application in Tutu app, then simply opt for search functionality. There is a search box on the landing page, in which you can enter the related keywords. The search functionality will show you all the results associated with the keyword and will help you in finding your desired application.
  • Once you got your desired application or game, simply click on the download button. Basically, the download button is placed at the end of the page. Just beside to the download button, you will find the size of the application file.
  • Initiate the download and wait for some moments. You will be automatically notified, once the file is downloaded.
  • Install the file on your device and click on the icon button.

So, in this way you can use Tutu app download for getting your desired premium applications and games.


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Tutu App support

It is true that millions of user have trusted the reliability of Tutu app and thus have downloaded it. For the convenience of users, Tutu app has developed an active community of Tutu Helper users. Once you have installed the app store on your device, you will be automatically added to the Tutu app community. Here, you will find experts who have been using Tutu Helper since years.

In case, you are having any doubts or issues regarding the performance of Tutu application, then you can simply post a query in the community. The members of the community are very active. They will immediately react on your post and will efficiently help you in resolving your issues. In case of any serious issues, you can simply give a call to the customer support of Tutu App or can also write a mail to the experts.

Frequently asked questions for Tutu app

You can also check the FAQ sections in case of any doubts. The developers have neatly studied the common doubts of users and accordingly have created the FAQs. Just check some important doubts, which are pretty common among users.

  1. I paid the charges for Tutu app VIP twice. Can I get the refund of my second payment?

There are chances you may pay the charges twice because of network errors or any inconvenience. If you have downloaded the file on the same device, the payment will be returned to you. But if you have downloaded the file twice on two separate devices, then there will be no refund in that case. To avail the refund of your payment, you have to write an email to

  1. Despite making the payment, I am unable to install the app store on my device. What to do?

Well, because of heavy traffic or server errors, the installation of Tutu app becomes hectic sometimes. In such situations, you need to wait for some moments and should try the installation again. It is also recommended to download the application again in order to install it fresh. There is no need to worry about that as you will not be charged for second-time download. If none of these techniques works, then feel free to communicate with the support team of Tutu app. Stop worrying about your money, as it is safe with the developers.

  1. Do I need to pay again, when I will update my iOs version?

No, you don’t have to make any further payments, no matter what’s the situation. Once your system is registered with Tutuapp download, the system will recognize you every time and will not ask for any extra charges. But remember, when you are changing your device, and then downloading Tutu app again, you need to pay the downloading charges again.

  1. Is Tutu app totally free for Android devices?

Yes, Tutu app store is free for every Android device. It doesn’t matter which android version you are using, it is free for all. Simply download the app on your device and start exploring the world of premium and free applications.

  1. Is it safe to download Tutu app from Unknown sources?

Every day thousands of users are opting for Tutuapp free download on their devices. The download link which is provided is verified properly, thus there is no need to worry about interruptions during download. In case, you are worried about virus threats and system corruption, then stop worrying now. The website is tested effectively and also features anti-spam tools to avoid the virus threats.

  1. Do I need to root my Android device?

No, not at all, you don’t have to root up your Android device for downloading the Tutu app. The application is keenly designed by the expert developers and is compatible with both Android as well iOs devices. Simply download and install the app store on your device, without any hassle.

Is it worth to download the Tutu app?

Look, when you are downloading Tutu app on your Android device, you are not paying any charges. All you have to give is just space for around 7 MB. If by sacrificing 7 MB, you are able to download other premium applications for your android device, then that seems to a fantastic deal. Instead of paying high amounts for premium applications on Google play store and Apple’s iTunes, you can simply get all those applications for free on Tutu app. So, it is highly recommended to download the apk file today.

We have verified and reviewed the download link – click here thus there is no need to worry about the security settings. Simply start downloading the premium applications on Tutu app and enjoy up to the best. You can also access the premium movie applications through Tutu app, without paying a single penny. In case of any worries, feel free to contact the support team.

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