Amazing Features Of Amazon’s Fire Phone 2014

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Check out the features of Amazon’s latest Smart phone Fire 2014 here. Amazon has surprised everyone with the new features of the device. Check here.

Amazing Features Of Amazon’s Fire Phone 2014.

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Amazon has recently launched amazing set of Gadgets for the users. The Brand new Amazon’s Fire Smart phone attracted many business users.

amazon fire smartphone

Amazon has surprised everyone with the new features of the device which we must check for sure.

1. Encryption:

This device can be set up to encrypt the data on the phone so that if it gets lost,hacked or stolen, no one can read your files.  By doing this you can protect your files.

2. Microsoft Outlook email,calendar and contacts:

The Fire Smart phone can link to the Microsoft Exchange email system using ActiveSync tool of Microsoft. This will help you sinc your data and meets your corporate security policies.


3. Microsoft Office Files:
The Device has an Office Suite Viewer built in app. With the help of this app, you can look at files like Spread sheets or Power Points. You can also Create them.

4. Files from the corporate network

The Amazon Fire Smart phone promises that you can access your corporate network on your fire phone by your user name and password.

5. Support for security software:

The Device supports for enterprise security software which is known as Mobile Device Management. With Mobile Device Management, we can locate phones, remotely wipe them and add corporate apps and enforce security policies such as passwords.

6. Easy Corporate Passwords:
“Single sign-on” is the feature where you use one password to access all things on corporate network that requires password.

7. Support for secure corporate network or VPN:
The security for Virtual Private Network is given here. Some companies require extra passwords and security to access files and apps. IT offers a selection of VPN apps.

8.Enterprise app store:

“Whispercast” will be the new tool offered by Amazon which can be used to manage the smartphone, Kindle Fire Tablet and other Kindle devices. This can be used for add and remove books,files and apps.

9. Apps:

Amazon is working on getting popular business apps into its app store. This includes apps to take notes, scan documents,preparing invoiced and remote desktop. Free apps like skype are also available.

So lets wait for the new updates and get these awesome features of Amazon Fire Smart phone.
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  1. Thanks for updating info about all the recent launches and latest updates.. :)..love your blog

  2. It is really rocking in the market.


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