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Get 5 best chrome extensions for Bloggers and Marketers. These are best SEO extensions which could be used for search engine optimization of your blog.

5 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers & Marketers [SEO Extensions]

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered as the blood of blogging which is thoroughly needed for the success of any blog. The Pro Bloggers use different kind of tools and browser extensions for effective, analytical and professional blogging.

Best Chrome Extensions, SEO Extensions, BloggersSo, today we have brought the list of best Chrome extensions for many Bloggers and marketers for the task of SEO. The bloggers can’t open new web page for each analysis or report, so there, extensions could be proven best. That is the reason that we are sharing these 5 best chrome extensions for bloggers and Marketers. You are supposed to refer each extension – which suits you most and can easily get it for your professional work with ease.

5 Best Chrome Extensions for SEO

So, here is the list and description of 5 best chrome extensions which could be used for Search Engine Optimization work. You are supposed to get to the list and can select that whichever, suits your skills and needs and then you can start utilizing that plugin.

1- SEO SERP Workbench

This is the first chrome extension for SEO in our list. This extension can help you to track the positions and ranks of your competitors and other sites by one go. It tracks your competitors by searching for particular keyword and gets the results of different countries’ blogs too. It can be really best to check your SERP ranks and you can deeply analyze and watch your competitors and work accordingly. You can get this extension here.

2- Mozbar

This is one of the famous Chrome Extensions which is used for SEO by many professional bloggers. This is really advanced and most professional analytical extension which has been used by many pro bloggers and marketers. When you install this extension and search for any keyword or site then it gives you a detail analytical metric of that site, in which it includes; Domain Authority, Page Authority, Backlinks and much more SEO related stuffs. To get this extension Click Here.

Google Page Speed Insight

The Page Speed Insight is one of the effective tool by Google which is used for tracking the Load time (Speed) of any blog whose Chrome extension is also available. You need to download this extension for your Google Chrome Browser and then surf for any webpage then it will give you speed and load time report of each searched blog. The report of Google Page Speed Insight is much accurate and precise then other tools. You can get this extension by Clicking Here.


The Nofollow is the tag but here it is the entire name of Chrome extension. The Nofollow gives you a report of nofollow tags on each searched web page which could help you to work smartly on your site. You may use this extension to check that which links are nofollow on professional sites and blogs. You are supposed to work little smarter with these extensions to get the results. You can easily get this extension Here.

Web Developer

The Web Developer Extension is one of the popular and best chrome extensions. It has come up with different development tools right at your dashboard. This can be used to design and develop different kind of stuffs and it could be really helpful for many bloggers too. You can get this extension right Here.


These were 5 best Chrome extensions for you guys which could be used for SEO purposes. We are sure that list would be proven helpful for many Bloggers and Marketers. If you have any other extension related to these then do lend them in comment box. It would be great to have list from your side too. Furthermore, don’t forget to share this list with your other friends and bloggers too. It would be really helpful for them for sure.

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  1. nice post :)
    i’m using all of them

  2. Installing these pluigin..!! Thanks for the post..!! 😀

  3. Pretty nice list Mansoor.
    I really like SEOQuake and Google Page Speed Insight extension as they help me to get my work done easily.
    Gonna try others for sure.
    Nice move.

  4. Vinay bro. your list is really good but its incomplete without SEOquake.
    ps: its my personal opinion, but what matters here is your choices. lol :-)

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