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Learn how to Check Android Smart that Android Smart Watches are compatible with your Android Smartphone or not. Follow this guide to check compatibility.

How to Check Android Smart Watches are Compatible with Your Android Phone

The android smart watches are the latest development and innovation in the field of technology which have been designed to work with phones operating on Android OS 4.3 or higher. However, before the choice is made it is important to make sure that the phone is compatible with the watch you are going to buy and if it suits into your needs and requirements.

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Buying Android Smart Watches

It is important for the user to keep into consideration following factors as mentioned below;

  • Check whether phone is compatible with the device you are willing to purchase. The design and make of the watch may drive you crazy, but before that ensuring and checking its compatibility is an important thing to check and consider. For checking this you can inquire the salesman at the store to know if watch is compatible with the Android device or not.
  • Check the features of the watch to know if it fits into the needs and requirements.
  • Opt for a design of your choice, something which matches up to your taste and lifestyle. Wide variety of designs is available and any design can be chosen according to the preference of the customer.
  • Check the battery life of the watch, to know that how long in a day will it function with you and if such battery life is OK with you and also meets your requirements.
  • Check the online reviews to know if the choice of watch is the perfect one and can set appropriately with your device.

Types of Android Smart Watches

Following Android watches are available in the market;

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  • G Watch
  • Gear Live
  • Moto 360

Establishing connectivity

One of the basic things which can be done to establish connectivity between phone and watch is to connect your phone and watch via Bluetooth. Also the connectivity can be established by installing Android wear on your phone, and this provides connectivity to both the devices. Before such steps of connectivity are taken it is important to check the compatibility of the Android watch and your phone.

What to do for Checking Compatibility

For checking the compatibility of the devices following steps should be taken;

  • Various websites have been formed for this purpose and user can visit them to check the compatibility of the devices.
  • After the user checks compatibility, one can install the wear app on the phone and thus connect the device with watch. However, wear app and phone should also be compatible with each other.

Steps to follow to Check Compatibility

Following steps can be followed;

  • Switch on the device or phone for which compatibility has to be checked.
  • The menu icon should be accessed to have a look at the tab list.
  • From the available applications, click on the web browser icon available on the device.
  • Logging on to the browser, you can open the website offering such compatibility services and then click on Go.
  • If in the following screen, if the message says Yes! Your phone is compatible with Android wear appears then it means your device is compatible with the Android smart watch.


These are the steps which are needed to follow to check the compatibility of your Android Smart watches with your phones. If you have any kind of question or confusion left then do let us know. Any of our team member will get back to your queries as soon as possible. Furthermore, if you have found this unique guide helpful then do share it with others too. Your share may helpful any of your friend who is going to buy a Android smart watch.

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