Expert Link Building Strategies in 2015 [Top 5 Ways]

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Get expert and advanced link building strategies 2015. These are top 5 best link building tactics. The list includes; Web 2.0, guest posting and many more.

5 Expert Link Building Strategies in 2015

The Backlinks are considered as the most important factor of any blog. If your blog have good number of quality backlinks then your blog will be considered as a healthy and famous one with good amount of traffic. These are the main constituent of Search Engine Optimization. The one has to build good amount of backlinks using different methods for its blog, to rank its content on search engines.

Link building Strategies, 2015 seo tips, optimizationTherefore, today we are going to disclose some expert link building strategies 2015 for both newbies and professionals. These are really advanced link building strategies which you could use to build good and healthy backlinks for your blog or website. These methods are preferred by Professionals and the Top blogger who himself is the owner of this blog, Vinay Goud.

I have Increased one of my Blog Traffic ( EDU Niche ) from 700 Visitors a day to 9000+ UV Per day in a Span of 30 Days. – Vinay Goud

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The Methods I have employed in Increasing my blogs traffic are listed here in this article. Yes ! all this methods are old but the thing is how effective you can make use of it :)

Just Check below and follow the methods and do let me know in comments if you have any quires. I am Glad to help you guys always !!

Expert Link Building Strategies 2015

So, here is the list of expert link building strategies start which could be used to build and generate good amount of backlinks for sure. Now, without wasting your much time, I would request you to get through the below tricks and strategies.

1- Web 2.0

The Web 2.0 is the most professional and unique way of link building which most of the pro bloggers are using to rank any specific keyword or their blog. This could be an smarter way to generate good amount and good health links for you blog.

You are supposed to create a web 2.0 website and then start sharing article on it then link your any particular post or blog, in this way you can get good amount of backlinks. However, don’t use a single mail to create web 2.0 blogs, share some quality content on that blogs in order to make them stay for long run there and don’t forget to maintain the post frequency too. Don’t post too much articles in single day and don’t insert too many links in single posts in order to stay safe from Google attacks.

There are many people who are not very much familiar with the Web 2.0 sites which could be used to create a short term blogs for getting links. Therefore, we have shared a short list of web 2.0 sites which you may use to get backlinks:

  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Wikipedia
  • Tumblr
  • TypePad
  • Suidoo
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Flikr

2- Article Directory Submission

This is another way which could be used to get good amount of quality backlinks. You need to submit your published articles on famous article directories to get backlinks in return. This way is being utilized by many professionals bloggers out there. This is the easiest way for building links for your blog. We have shared a short list of famous article directories which could be used to submit articles:

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  • ehow
  • Examiner
  • Hub Pages
  • Articles Base
  • Ezine Articles
  • Seeking Alpha
  • Article Snatch

3- Forum Submission

This is an old yet effective strategy of Link building. It could be good to grab some targeted traffic as well. You need to join some famous forums on internet and then keep posting some useful content there, in order to become a contributor member there. Ones you’ve became a contributor member there then you can easily add your blog’s url in signature of yours.

The policies of all forums are completely different from one another. So, you are bound to follow the posting policy of each forum. We have listed some famous, do-follow and high authority forums to build some quality links for your blogs:

  • V7n
  • Joomla
  • Cnet
  • Warrior
  • Mysql Forum
  • Site Point
  • Siteowners Forum

4- Share Infographics

This is another advanced way of link building which we personally have used for our blogs. First of all generate an appealing and most happening infographics and share it on your blog. Then submit that infographics to different infographics directories to get links in return. Additionally, don’t forget to add HTML box along with your infographics with your blog’s link.

This method is an effective way of link building and we are sure that you will get positive results after applying these tactic for you blog. So, start generating some awesome and appealing infographics to get some good and healthy backlinks from this way as well.

5- Guest Posting

The guest posting was dead in previous year but now it is again gaining its fame in bloggers. So, you may try this one as well to get good amount of good links for your blog. You need to write an effective and awesome article which should be error-free and then ask some famous bloggers to publish your article on their blog and in return ask for credit links to be included. This could be one of the awesome link building strategies for sure.


This was the list of best and expert link building strategies 2015 which we’ve shared for you guys. We are sure that this list could be proven helpful for many newbies out there. If you’ve any kind of question or confusion left then do let us know. Any of our team member will try to get back to your queries as soon as possible. Till then don’t forget to share this list with your other friends and circle too. So, keep sharing our article over social media.

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