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Learn how to get traffic by Submitting posts to StumbleUpon. You can receive 2000 page-views from StumbleUpon by applying our this simple and awesome trick.

How to Get Traffic By Submitting Posts to StumbleUpon

The traffic is the only thing which is most desirable for any Blogger. We use to work hard just to get good amount of traffic on our websites. We have already shared some over viewed tips which has guided you that “How to Get traffic?’

How to get traffic, StumbleUpon, Sumbit Site to StumbleUponThere are many methods to be used to drive a good amount of traffic on a blog, which ultimately results a famous blog and blog’s success. We collects Social Media traffic, Search Engine traffic, forum traffic and many more areas from where we receive traffic and gathers the traffic stats of our site.

Today we are sharing a detailed guide related to Social Media traffic which will make you understand that, “how to get traffic on your blog by submitting posts to StumbleUpon?”  Some of you might be aware with the name StumbleUpon, and some of you might not be aware of it.

So, let me explain first StumbleUpon to the newbies. StumbleUpon is a social networking site, where you could share your articles and get good amount of genuine traffic.

Almost all professional Bloggers do use this network for getting good amount of traffic. The traffic strength through StumbleUpon is totally depended on the Stumbles (Up Votes) on your posts. If you will receive good amount of Stumbles (Up Votes) then you can receive page-views up to 2000 or may be more. Isn’t it awesome?

I am sure this would be really helpful for you guys. However, most of the newbies are not acquaint with the method of submitting posts to StumbleUpon.

Therefore, you may refer the below tutorial to learn that, “How to get Traffic by submitting posts to StumbleUpon?” The detailed steps of submitting posts to StumbleUpon are mentioned for you guys.

Learn-How to Get Traffic By Submitting Posts to StumbleUpon

So, here is the practical time for you guys. You need to follow the below steps to learn that, “How to Get Traffic By Submitting Posts to StumbleUpon?”

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  • First of all you have Sign In to your StumbleUpon account, if you don’t have any account then Create a New One
  • After that, Share your content by using Share Button (You may share manually but Share Button is suggested) Or You may also Use StumbleUpon Toolbar to share easily
  • Afterwards, you will have pop up like below one, which will be asking you that, “Is this Page Safe For Work?” Grant permission by Clicking on Yes. In some cases you don’t receive this warning

StumbleUpon, how to get traffic, screenshots

  • Then, your post will be submitted to StumbleUpon
  • Additionally, you have to go to Your StumbleUpon Profile and Click on Your Likes under your Profile picture at the top right corner

StumbleUpon, how to get traffic, screenshots

  • Then you will be able to see your newly submitted post, simply you have to Click on Your Post
  • After that, it will redirect you to your website with a extra toolbar. Simply, you have to copy the URL from Address bar and share it with your friends and ask them to Stumble (Up Vote) your content. The one stumble to your each submitted post will be automatically granted which belongs to you.
  • The more Stumbles you will get the more you will receive traffic through StumbleUpon
  • Congratulations! You have learned to get Traffic by Submitting Posts to StumbleUpon

Expert’s Tip

This is the expert’s tip which is discovered by Vinay Goud himself while he was stumbling ATT’s comment URLs. Furthermore, today we are going to disclose that trick for our beloved readers. He discovered that tip before 1 and a half year back.

Vinay asked me that we should share this trick with our readers to help them out which will drive some good traffic through StumbleUpon. That is why, we are disclosing this for you guys.

You can submit single post URL multiple times to StumbleUpon by making little alteration to the links. Additionally, we know that whenever we submit a post to StumbleUpon then we receive one Stumble (Up Vote) for that post, so, that means whenever, we’ll submit single post with little link variations multiple times then we’ll receive multiple stumbles for Single post.

Additionally, the multiple stumbles means lots of traffic and it won’t violate the terms and conditions as well. Since, you are submitting different URLs, no matter it has same content.

So, now you all might be thinking, “what changes you need to made with the links?” You need to make little changes with the URL of your post and then keep on submitting your posts to StumbleUpon multiple times to increase Stumbles and receive much traffic. The links should be like below one.




The code in the end of URL (?xyz, ?21431 or ?something) can be replaced with any words or figures means you have to keep the question mark (?) in the end of your post’s URL and add anything after question mark. (YourURL.html?anythingcouldbehere)

When you change the URL with the simple trick than the StumbleUpon could not get it and they consider it as a new URL. So, that you can receive too many Stumbles for the same post.

This is the way by which you can submit single post multiple times and it will redirect to your main post. We are 100% sure that you can receive too many stumbles for single post in this way and that too many stumbles will bring great traffic for you.


This was all about getting traffic by Submitting Posts to StumbleUpon. I am sure if you will apply all above mentioned steps then you will be able to generate good number of traffic on your blog.

Additionally, if you have any question or queries left related to this guide which has guide you that, “How to get traffic by submitting posts to StumbleUpon” then do share your questions and queries with us. We shall try to resolve your issues as soon as possible.

Finally, if you have found this, “How to get traffic by Submitting post to StumbleUpon” helpful then do share this guide with your friends and specially with Bloggers, because you may never know that your share may help any of your friend who is searching for such content.

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  1. Nice post Mansoor. StumbleUpon is a great tool to bring high amount of traffic to our site and I am using it for a long time.
    Your tips are very helpful to the beginners in the blogging field.

    Have a nice week ahead.

  2. Hi Mansoor,
    Traffic from StumbleUpon can be rewarding. It becomes necessary for the blogger or Internet marketer to work on it appropriately.

    For many newbies, this guide can help. I use StumbleUpon and I agree with the steps you have shared!

    Wide sharing and huge traffic from StumbleUpon begins with creating Quality posts!

    I left this comment in kingged.com as well.

  3. Thanks Mansoor for this informative article i m going to try it and fingers crossed will see good results… Keep up the good work… cheers

  4. hello mansoor.
    Can you please tell me how to get more stumbleupon followers?

    • Mansoor says:

      @Pratyash Somani, We believe in genuine followers, as when you share quality then people follow you automatically. Therefore, you are supposed to share quality content to increase your followers
      Good Day 🙂

  5. Thats a wonderful trick.
    I am using that URL changing trick, and yes it works in a great way.
    I just want to add an extra info to this.

    To get more views, use 4-5 emails and submit from each account and up vote each others submission.

  6. Awesome Post With Unknown Trick Thanks Vinay 🙂 Expecting More Posts Like This

  7. Hi there Mansoor ,

    Driving potential traffic to your web journal can ultimately serve to drive waves of strong customers . However , just dreaming won’t get you there. Taking a step ahead is the only key and that step could be ” StumbleUpon” for sure.

    But , but and but !

    Stumblers aren’t huge fans of marketing and business just like Reddit . The audience around StumbleUpon are more interested in humor/taboo content along with informative content especially Lifehacks , Technology and Psychology related stuff.

    What say ?

    I’ve not yet gone in-depth with StumbleUpon. However , it’s under my list for accomplishment 🙂

    Cheers 🙂 Good one !

    • Mansoor says:

      @Sourave Sudhi, you must be right. Additionally, we are sharing this trick for all kind of readers. Enjoy 🙂

  8. Hey Vinay… I knew about how to drive traffic from stumble upon but did not knew about this trick…. Thanks for sharing the tweak with us, it will definitely help us to get more traffic…

    Thanks again 🙂

  9. Well written you in this blog, I hope next amazing features from your blog. Thanks for your kind information.


  10. Neat ! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Thanks Mansoor for this wonderful article… I have tried it the way u explained and yes it did worked for me… Looking forward to use these tricks of regular basis… Thanks for sharing your knowledge here with us.. keep up the good work.. cheers..

  12. Great tips and this like the first time I took time to really read this tip and now I see the potential and why bloggers should utilize on this platform. Thanks for sharing the secret sauce.

  13. Hi Mansoor,this is very useful post,i m using Stumbleupon but not getting much traffic now i’ll try to impliment these tricks to get more traffic.

  14. Very new information for me actually I was totally unaware from stumbleupon.

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