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How to Get or Increase Traffic for your New Blog or Website-10 Tips

Well Traffic is important for any blog.The best ways to get traffic for your blog is from search engines.But what if you have new blog? Though you good content and not getting much traffic?

If you are the one who facing above problems then you are right place here i will tell 10 killer tips to increase your blog traffic.

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How I Increased my Blog Traffic from 200 to 2000 visitors within 45 days

What i have did to Increase my traffic?

Well i think this is the question in your mind now.Many of new bloggers and my friends are asking me how i increased my traffic in less time.so i decided to share this post.Below i have explained how and what i did these 3 months to get traffic for my blog.

1.Content is King:

I always believe that content is King if you have good content then automatically you will get good traffic.i used to write good content but my my article are never got indexed in 1st Google when i started my blog.it took sometime now maximum of my articles are ranking good.
so dint loose hope write good content as its new blog its take some time for Google to index your blog.

2.Submit your blog to search engines:

This is most important one.though you have good content if u failed to submit your blog(click here) to search engines then your all hard works goes waste.so most important thing as soon as you start your blog is submit to search engines

3.Social Media:

Yes! this made me to get closer to success i was totally depend on facebook to get traffic for my new blog i used to share my blog posts daily in Facebook groups for 2 months without missing single day at that time my traffic is 300 visitors daily.Then i slowly stopped sharing my posts in groups,my traffic is down but happy thing is that i started getting search traffic form Google.

Stumbleupon: I only used facebook at starting one of my friends told stumbleupon can bring huge traffic for your blog.then i started using stumbleupon its amazing i got huge traffic form stumbleupon by sharing my articles.
  •  After Stumble upon i would suggest you to go for Digg,Slashdot and reddit.

Tell you friends to Stumble your articles and share your blog posts

4.Used Proper Key words In you Post Tittle:

Using proper keywords is most important for getting you search traffic .If you don’t have good tittle How can visitors expect good content in your posts?

Do keyword research for your each post by using Google Adwords:

By using this tool you can know how many organic hits for that keyword monthly.you can also choose title for your blog posts by using this tool.
  • for example: If your are writing about 10 best android games then its good to choose title like this Top 10 Best Free Android Games 


If you are able to make your visitor to stay on your blog then you are success.The best ways is interlink within posts.
  • Using anchor text in your posts is most important.for example:1 like below pic.
  • for example 2:If you writing about 10 best android mobiles below 10,000 then also write check: best android mobiles below 15,000
  • Get Related posts widget:  There are many related post widgets Get It here

6.Give Search Description:

This is most important for getting organic traffic.if your Post title not having that particular keyword then keywords in search description help you to rank your post.

7.Build Backlinks:

  • The best way to get back links is to write guest pots for other blogs and demand for 1 or 2 back links form their blog.
  • Blog Commenting: Comment on commluv blogs to get back links.
  • Don’t forget that content is king if you write good content then you will get back links automatically.

8.Use Good Commenting system:

The good commenting system always helps to get more comments.more the comments more the authority more the authority more will be traffic.
  • There are many commenting systems but i Suggest you to use Disqus.

9.SEO- Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is always best way to get traffic from search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing.

10.Selecting Good Template and Proper Domain:

  • Yes! your template plays a major role in increasing in your blogs traffic.if its responsive and user friendly this make reader comfortable and helps to spend more time on your blog.
  • Domain: Selecting domain is also important one.so its my advice to select good domain i suggest you to prefer .com

Tips and tricks: for new Bloggers

My advice for new bloggers is to get traffic from social media like using facebook and Stumbleupon.i have a huge collection of Facebook groups.if you want them contact us.we are also having some Big facebook fanpages which can bring more traffic for your blog.
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Last word:

When i started my blog i used to publish 1 article daily.Many of friends and other bloggers told that my articles are good these made me happy but sad thing is my article got never indexed in first page of Google not in 2nd page also 🙁 for 1 month.This happened because of simple mistakes i made.i don’t want you to do that mistakes.i will publish more article on how to increase your blog traffic,SEO and Blogging Tips and Tricks.
So this is my experience in 3 months now my traffic is consistent around 3k visitors daily.Hows your blog traffic? and whats your experience.. comment below !! 🙂
Don’t forget to share the article sharing is caring !!!!!

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