How to Increase File Copy Paste Speed in Windows 7/8/XP,Vista

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File Copying process in windows operating system is too slow with the default copy handler.Here We explain about how to increase file copy paste speed in windows computer with OS 7/8/XP and Vista.

How to Increase File Copy Speed in Windows 7/8 and XP

In Our daily PC Usage we need to copy and paste files from one computer to another computer using Local area network and using flash drives. The main problem with file transferring process is it takes a lot of time in sometimes even if you have high-end computer and perfect operating system in it. Transferring small amount of files is easy and there is no problem with those files but if you are ready to copy some large amount of files like games, movies, songs then you definitely face this problem. Here we need to consider so many problems while transferring files because presently most of the people use USB 2.0 devices which have very less transfer rate, sending data from hard disk to flash drive is always slow because those two are not belongs to same category.

Straight to the point, here We share some useful tips and utilities to increase file copy/paste speed in windows operating systems.

How to Increase File Copy/Paste Speed in Windows 7/8/Windows XP

First I will discuss about tools which are used to increase the transferring speed in windows operating systems.


Teracopy is the best and lightweight tool to perform file transferring operations like copy and paste with an ease. Once you install this application on windows it acts like a default file copying software and transfer files very quickly. It reduces the seek time operation of hard disk by adjusting available buffers. It won’t stuck even if you try to copy two or more files at a time and if the limit exceeds it keeps the files in queue state. Another interesting thing is you can pause and resume file copying process which is not available in windows operating systems except windows 8.

increase file copy paste speed on windows 7

Features of Teracopy:

  • It provides much faster speed than windows default copy handler with 2X speed.
  • You can copy more files and folders at a time without any burden on computer. That means you can perform other tasks as well as.
  • While file transferring process it checks for errors and try to copy those files by checking the problem. It also calculate its CRC checksum values before skipping error files.
  • You can also perform file copy/paste from the right-click menu, because it have full file explorer shell extension and also supports Unicode.

Talent Copy V:

This is another powerful file copying tool which is available for free to use. This application is easily attracted by newbies because it have simple and clean interface without having any unnecessary options. It shows each and every information about files, folders which are being copied like folder objects loaded, folders created, how many files and folders are overwritten etc. It uses a small amount of system resources but works effectively while performing file copy/paste operations.

copy with talent copy v in windows 7,8,xp

How to Use Talent Copy V?

This application doesn’t change the default file copy handler that’s why we need to do these manually. First copy all files and folders which you want to paste in another device.

Now Right click on the mouse and select “Paste with Talent Copy” option, then it automatically starts the file transferring process.

paste with talent copy

Features of Talent Copy:

  • You can get maximum file copy/paste speed up to 3x times more than normal windows file copying speed.
  • It also works with Hard disk drive in RAID configuration without creating any problems.
  • It also have pause and resume functions to stop file transfer process which was mainly missed on windows operating system.
  • Windows beginners also use this tool because it have simple interface.

Note : Present this is in beta version and it takes so much memory from computer to copy files. I hope this issue may resolved in next release.

Tips to Increase File Copy/Paste Speed in Windows 7/8 and Windows XP:

  • While copying large number of files individually it takes a lot of time and you can’t complete the task with in time because file copy/paste speed is very less when sending individual files. So group all those files and move them into one new folder and compress that folder using WinRAR or 7-zip compressing software.

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  • If you use low-end computer then leaving PC alone is the best option while copying files and folders. Because more memory is necessary to complete the file transferring process.

If you know any other software or tips to increase file copy paste speed in windows then leave a comment.

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