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Learn how to manage Multiple Cloud Drives online in One Place. You can easily manage your all Cloud Drives account at one place using www.multcloud.com.

How to Manage Multiple Cloud Drives Online in One Place

Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive are three different cloud drives to store files. There are also other cloud services, such as Amazon S3, SugarSync, Box. Since each of them have some unique character, users created accounts one by one. People like to try the new. While most people create several accounts for more free storage space. Then question comes, how to manage them efficiently? Next we are going to show you how to add and manage multiple cloud services together with the help of MultCloud.

Multiple Cloud Storage. How to Manage


MultCloud, as its name suggests: Multiple Cloud Drives/Services, which means managing multiple cloud drives together. It is a totally free web based entirely multi-cloud management. With it, you can manage several different and same cloud storage accounts from MultCloud’s interface.

Step by Step to Add Cloud Drives to MultCloud

So, here are the steps which you are supposed to follow to manage Multiple Cloud drives online using one program. You are supposed to follow the steps clearly in order to avoid any mistake or error while following these steps:

  • Use MultCloud by opening the browser then entering www.multcloud.com.
  • Start to register an account of MultCloud, which needs typing your Email, username, password and verification code

Multicloud, Dropbox, How to Manage

  • After completion of filling the form, click the “Create Account”. Finally, finish the email verification so that you can sign in MultCloud successfully
  • Choose a cloud drive to add into MultCloud

Add Storage, Cloud Storages, How to Manage

  • To add Dropbox, you only need to type a display name

Add Dropbox, Multi clouds, How to Manage

  • Then authorize MultCloud to access your Dropbox account

Authorize dropbox, allow permission, How to Manage

  • After clicking “Allow”, you can see all content in Dropbox from MultCloud’s window

How to Manage, Multiple Clouds

  • That’s it you are done in adding Dropbox account

You can try many common operations with files in Dropbox via MultCloud. Include: download, upload, create, delete, rename, cut, copy, paste, share, preview, search.Not only Dropbox you can also add other cloud storage. The way you add any number of MultCloud supported services is similar.

It is safe for you to use MultCloud, more security information please visit:



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